Put a Little Guilt Back in the Game

Youth Frontiers challenges young people on our retreats to reflect on their attitudes and behaviors toward themselves and others. We ask them if their behaviors live up to the values they hold in their hearts. We will say to students, “If you are making fun of someone and you don’t feel guilty about it, there is something wrong.” You should feel guilty. A sense of healthy guilt serves a purpose. It acts as a moral compass to guide one’s behavior.READ MORE


One-Minute Reflection

At Youth Frontiers, we teach values unapologetically. We take one school day to get kids to step back, reflect and see themselves, their classmates and their school differently. We etch character on kids’ hearts. And they’re hungry for the message – for someone to say, “Be good!” They are hungry for guiding values to make their world a better place. READ MORE


Expert Parenting?

Guest blog written by Pete Larson

Seven-year-old John sat in the back of his parents’ minivan and heard his name mentioned again and again from the front. John’s mom and dad were discussing their parenting techniques as they drove.