The Character Movement

2016 YCorps

YCorps Spotlight: Daley Rupar

We are so grateful for our wonderful staff at Youth Frontiers (YF), from our full-time and part-time employees to our YCorps. The Youth Frontiers YCorps (Youth Corps) is a five-month internship program that gives emerging leaders the opportunity to facilitate, along with our full-time staff, life-changing retreats for schools all over the upper Midwest. As our current YCorps’ time with Youth Frontiers ends after the winter holidays, we wanted to celebrate their skills and stories on our blog as a six-part spotlight Q&A series. Our first YCorps in the spotlight is Daley Rupar. READ MORE


How to Speak Up and Be Heard

Speaking up about what matters to you almost always requires a lot of courage. Unfortunately, speaking up does not always mean that you will be heard – it can be challenging and often times messy. It’s entirely possible that those who we hope hear us most are either unresponsive or uninterested in hearing what we have to say. It’s also possible that, despite our best intentions, our communication will miss the mark.READ MORE

Play at Youth Frontiers

Play Works

By Sarah Barchus, Communications Specialist at Youth Frontiers

At Youth Frontiers, we love to embrace our inner child and exercise play, an activity sorely underestimated in our workaholic culture. With “achiever” as one of my top five strengths, I get it; using time, one of our most precious and unrecoverable resources, during the workday to have a chat, joke around, maybe even have a little dance party – a regular occurrence at YF – can seem counterproductive. Happily, research has shown and we have experienced that in fact, the opposite is true.READ MORE

Deb and her daughter

Dancing to Her Own Beat

By Deb Peterson, Youth Frontiers’ Office Manager

There are things in life that people tell you are hard – learning a language, climbing a mountain, parenting… Why didn’t I believe them when they said that about parenting?

I had seen friends and family struggle at times with their kids, so I knew I’d encounter some bumps while parenting, but I thought they would be few and far between. Any daughter of mine would follow her parents’ rules, just as I did (for the most part) when I was a child. I imagined my family would be like those on TV – we’d love each other so much that any problems we had would be resolved within an hour and replaced with hugs and laughter. Ha! Now I know how naïve I was.READ MORE