The Character Movement

Joe and Tess

Declaring Humility in Vogue

At dinner the other night, we were sitting around our table and my wife, Jane, and I sensed that our 4th-grade daughter’s spirit was a bit melancholy. We thought something must have happened to Tess at school. As the daughter of an Irish-Italian father and a French-Bohemian mother, being quiet is a bit unusual in our family and raised a bit of an alarm. As any parent would do, we launched into a typical parent-child “self-esteem” soliloquy.READ MORE


The Final Phase Before Launch

This post was written by Todd Hansen, Programs and Experiences Director at Youth Frontiers. Todd is married with one daughter and lives in the Twin Cities area. He has worked at Youth Frontiers since 2005 and brings his skills in business, culture development and management leadership to the organization. READ MORE

Peter Yang

Our 2014 Character Award Winner

Remembering our history matters. It matters to remember the challenges we’ve overcome and the challenges we’re still faced with. And while it’s important to remember the big players in history, like on Monday when we celebrate the life of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., it’s also important to recognize those in our community who help affect change in smaller ways.READ MORE