The Character Movement


Teaching Self-Discipline

Happy New Year! According to research, 40 percent of Americans typically make New Year’s resolutions. This year with my family, we’ve each chosen a word that we want to define 2015. For me, that word is “focus.” I want to invest more in less – to go deeper, rather than wider. I do think that making resolutions is a great practice – at any time of the year – if there are things you want to do better or do differently. If you want to make a change in your life, it takes resolve and it takes discipline. Self-discipline does not come easy to everyone. Instead, it is a skill that can and should be taught and encouraged from an early age. READ MORE


Less is the New More

A parent recently told me a story about growing up in a big family in South Dakota in the 1970s. She was one of six kids and while she never lived in poverty, she also wasn’t rolling in toys and new clothes. Today she struggles with the abundance of stuff with raising her daughter. READ MORE


What I’m Thankful For

Thanksgiving is a time for me to press the pause button. Often, my life feels too full and it seems like I’m just rushing off from one thing to another. I have to remind myself to take the time to stop and reflect on what’s good and working well in my life. I need to take the time to be thankful.READ MORE


Quiet Courage

This post was written by Sally Koering, Youth Frontiers Experiences Manager. Sally is married with three young children and lives in the Twin Cities area. Sally has been at Youth Frontiers for the past 13 years. Along with her work at YF, she also has her own consulting business doing creative consulting and presentation coaching. You can find her at MORE