The Character Movement


The TV Battle

Game shows, comedies, soap operas, reality television, etc. The list goes on forever. Television is an escape from our own reality. It allows us to peek into lives of other individuals – whether they are true or not. However, it can often be difficult to set parameters on the amount of TV consumed and determine what is inappropriate. Have you experienced the epic battles of “On vs. Off” and “What’s Appropriate vs. No Way You’re Watching That?” It’s a struggle in our home. READ MORE


Rome is Burning

According to legend, the emperor Nero played his fiddle as the city of Rome burned. Nero’s infamous behavior made his name synonymous with uncaring apathy. We need look no further than the news to recognize that we are watching as Rome burns. Violence in our schools is a sobering reminder that our children’s safety is at risk even in places that are supposed to be safe. And yet, hearing the news of another school shooting is becoming far too commonplace.