Geometry of a LeadeR REtreat

A Retreat for Character-Driven Leaders

As a Catholic education leader, you understand the importance of inspiring character in our next generation. But how often do you get the opportunity to reflect on your own values and how they drive your leadership?

Thanks to the generosity of one of mission’s donors, you and other key members of your team are invited to invest in your leadership by joining other Twin Cities Catholic education leaders for a Geometry of a Leader Retreat (GOAL) — at no cost to you.

GOAL offers a much-needed opportunity for character-driven leaders to step back, connect and gain new tools for leading with their values. In one reflective morning, you will explore practical ways to be present to the people you serve, humble enough to solicit the wisdom of others and courageous enough to follow your vision despite the cost. You will leave the retreat inspired and empowered to confidently pursue your call to lead — and to continue inspiring our next generation of leaders.

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Retreat Theme Overview


Exceptional leaders give people their

full attention. They listen to understand.

They prioritize human connection. Yet, in

our volatile world, leaders often become

so preoccupied with all of the problems

they feel responsible for fixing that they

fail to notice the needs of the people

they serve. After the retreat, leaders will

return to their homes, workplaces and

communities with concrete ways to be

present to those around them.


Humble leaders know they don’t know it all. They seek input and advice from people with complementary strengths. They are open to new ideas. They are aware of their weaknesses. In this retreat, leaders will explore the key features of humility and learn to synthesize rather than silence the varied voices in their workplaces and communities. Leaders will leave the retreat committed to creating “we” not “me” solutions.


There are times leaders need to follow their vision and make an unpopular decision despite opposition. This takes courage. During the retreat, leaders will learn the attributes of a courageous leader and discuss the challenges of leading with courage — especially when resistance emerges and the cost is great. They will leave with the tools they need to be successful in their next difficult conversation or decision.

My heart, head and spirit were inspired ... What a gift for these leaders and the missions they serve.



Send up to five Catholic education leaders to join a cohort of their peers from around the Twin Cities




A morning of connection and reflection on timeless leadership values




Option #1 – Thursday, March 30, 2023

Option #2 – Wednesday, April 19, 2023



7:30 a.m. — Coffee & Connection

8 to 11:45 a.m. — Program



The Minneapolis Club

729 2nd Ave S, Minneapolis, MN 55402


Cost Per Participant

We are proud to offer this experience at no charge to Catholic education leaders. This retreat has been paid for by a generous donor — a $350 value per participant. To respect our supporter’s contribution, registrants who do not attend the retreat (without giving fair notice) will be encouraged to make a donation to help cover the cost of the retreat.


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