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Students dancing on retreat — silliness and laughter abound

Laughter is the greatest equalizer

When is the last time you took time to play? To make space for spontaneity, to let goofiness be your guide and to laugh — freely, openly and in your own signature way. Remember how that laughter felt? The boisterous bubbling sensation as your lungs filled with oxygen. The lightness of it. The clean, bright clarity it left in its wake. And the openness, the newfound space in your heart and in your mind. When was the last time?


Play at Youth Frontiers

Play Works

By Sarah Barchus, Communications Specialist at Youth Frontiers

At Youth Frontiers, we love to embrace our inner child and exercise play, an activity sorely underestimated in our workaholic culture. With “achiever” as one of my top five strengths, I get it; using time, one of our most precious and unrecoverable resources, during the workday to have a chat, joke around, maybe even have a little dance party – a regular occurrence at YF – can seem counterproductive. Happily, research has shown and we have experienced that in fact, the opposite is true.READ MORE