The impact of a Youth Frontiers experience extends beyond one day.
Kindness Boomerang

After the Kindness Retreat, 90 percent of fourth and fifth graders are more confident to help someone who is being picked on.

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88 percent of students agreed that the Courage Retreat helped them understand how acting with courage can make a positive difference for them and their school.

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After the Respect Retreat, 85 percent of students show more respect for others who may not share their views.

100% of recent respondents agreed that Character Academy gave them practical tools for building their character and leadership.

100 percent of respondents agreed that because of the Elements Conference, they feel more inspired to continue in their important work as educators.

100 percent of respondents agreed that the Geometry of a Leader Conference equipped them with the tools they need to face today’s leadership challenges.

(Results 2021-22 post-program surveys.)


“It has allowed me to see my purpose of being a leader and how important it is to show understanding and kindness when talking to others. It has showed me how leadership is bigger than myself and it starts with giving others the chance to contribute and it’s my job to help guide in a respectful way.”


“To be a good leader, I first need to make sure that I am keeping myself in check. I need to have compassion, perspective, confidence, and presence. If I have these, I will be set to lead others in the right direction.”

“Our students love it. They really do. It’s super fun. We can have fun learning being kind to each other.”

– Bao Vang, Elementary Principal


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“I have left each workshop feeling more inspired. You have helped to refill my bucket at times when it was pretty empty and for that I am grateful.”


“It was motivational and well done. I loved all the topics and gained a lot of practical and purposeful resources that I can implement immediately.”

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“I just love the values. The humility, the kindness, the courage. Things that not only kids need, but adults do too.”

– Liz Neuberger, Donor


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For more testimonials, visit our YouTube channel.

Education leaders having a discussion at a Geometry of a Leader Program

“Being able to talk with peers across all sections of business/nonprofit — safe spaces to talk with different points of view matter. It is support, it is thought diversification, it builds bridges and strengthens our workplaces.”


“As I mentor young professionals, these principles are critical to my ability to authentically support their intention or goals to become the best leaders they can become.”