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  • 50% Donor Support

  • 50% School Share

We want every school — private, public, charter or parochial — to be able to afford Youth Frontiers retreats. Schools pay 50 percent of the retreat cost. In addition, the philanthropic support of individuals, foundations and corporations covers the remaining 50 percent. This model keeps retreat costs affordable for schools while keeping schools vested. Also, it allows communities to participate financially in the character development of the next generation. To visit a retreat and see our mission in motion, please contact us at 952.922.0222 today.

Here’s what your support can do: 

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covers the travel costs to two retreats.


allows 30 students to attend a retreat.


allows 35 educators to attend a half-day workshop designed to build a cohesive and supportive community.


subsidizes the philanthropic share of two retreats, keeping our programs affordable for all of our schools.


helps YF develop new and innovative ways to sustain the impact of our retreats. This is done through evaluation, follow-up materials and social media.


subsidizes the philanthropic share of our YCorps Apprenticeship program.

Legacy Gift

If you are interested in learning more about legacy giving, please email Kevin Lungay at

students arm in arm on a respect retreat


Robert Bates
Retired CEO for Guarantee Life Companies, Inc.

If we hope to instill in our children and grandchildren a deep and abiding commitment to living good lives of integrity, we’re going to have to work together to ensure these values are still taught and still expected.


After observing and hearing about the positive impact of Youth Frontiers from educators and students, it is my strong belief that every child in Omaha ought to be going through a Youth Frontiers retreat.


Barb Hilbert
CFO for Luther Automotive Group

I am passionate about Youth Frontiers for many reasons. I believe that their work has the power to profoundly and positively impact how kids feel about themselves. Having attended several retreats over the last few years, I’ve watched kids start to connect on an intimate level and take a step toward viewing the world through the eyes of others. It changes everything!


Seeing kids stand up for themselves, maybe for the first time in their lives, amidst the heartfelt embrace of their classmates, is one of the most deeply moving things I have ever experienced. Certainly, the work that Youth Frontiers Retreat Facilitators do every day is changing the lives of kids in the most fundamental and precious way. They connect them to each other and help them to experience their own infinite capacity for kindness and empathy.

Barb Hilbert, CFO, Luther Automotive Group
You can help make tomorrow’s world a better place.
To learn how you can support Youth Frontiers through stock options, planned giving, Amazon Smile and more, call us at 952.922.0222. You can also take a look at our financials and annual report.