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This Thanksgiving, we’re grateful for you!

In the words of the students we work with on retreat, thank you!

All of us at Youth Frontiers want to express our gratitude to you. By caring about the stories we tell and by sharing them within your own circles, you are supporting our mission. You are helping to make our world a kinder, more civil and respectful place to live. We appreciate you, dear reader, and hope you feel especially valued this Thanksgiving.


The Youth Frontiers Team

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Stories are gateways to gratitude

By Sarah Gavigan, Youth Frontiers Communications Specialist

Each year, Thanksgiving reminds us to give voice to our gratitude for the people and the experiences that elevate our lives. We say thanks countless times around this holiday – heck, we can’t even mention the holiday without saying “thanks” (no, saying Turkey Day doesn’t count). But how often do we make our English teachers proud and show rather than tell our gratitude?READ MORE