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Engagement Series


Encourage and engage educators for increased retention and job fulfillment.

From an educator about the Creativity Workshop:

“I learned that setting priorities and scheduling downtime is critical to creative thinking.”
Series Components


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Rooster Vision: What it is and why you don’t want it.

This workshop gives educators time to see the big picture (Planet Vision) and explore ways they can balance that with the little picture (Rooster Vision). This workshop will help educators to keep the important things important while accomplishing their many mundane but necessary tasks. Educators will leave this workshop with a better sense of perspective.


Be a “yes and” not a “no but” educator.

Educators need to be willing to embrace change, not resist it. In this upbeat, on-your-feet workshop, educators will practice the Four Principles of Improvisation, which will build their adaptability muscle. After the workshop, educators can use these principles to engage their students and say “Yes And” to what happens in the classroom.


Got a challenge? Let your brain do its thing.

Research tells us that when we overschedule ourselves and overemphasize productivity, we destroy our ability to be creative. With students’ increasingly diverse needs, educators require creativity now more than ever. In this hands-on workshop, educators will learn a unique creative process and apply it to an educational challenge they are facing. Educators will receive tools to help unleash their creativity in and out of the classroom.


*Available Virtually

Goodbye criticism. Hello compassion!

Many new educators are exhausted, demoralized and feel like they just don’t have what it takes. When educators feel this way, it affects their students’ success. In this workshop, educators will learn tools to cultivate compassion for themselves and others. Educators will leave this workshop committed to creating a classroom with more heart.

The Details


We recommend scheduling the Engagement Series throughout the year. For example, you could hold the Perspective workshop in September, Adaptability in November, Creativity in January and Compassion in March.


Each workshop is 2.5 hours long.


$760 per person for the series.

Please note that states outside of Minnesota will incur travel costs.


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