Love the place you work.

We are looking for great people. People who are looking to make a difference in our world and are invested in our mission of building positive school communities where all students can thrive. People who excel at what they do – whether it’s reconciling a budget or telling transformative stories in front of 200 kids. People with incredible talent who want to work at an organization that emphasizes culture and community. Are you interested? View our job openings.

YF staff at an organization-wide gathering, summer 2017


“During my time at Youth Frontiers, I have felt unbelievably supported, valued and treated as an equal with an important voice. The people around me are some of the most hard-working, ethical, creative people I have ever met and each of them plays a role in changing the world for the better.”

“Youth Frontiers is an exceptional place to work, in terms of the culture, compensation and work itself. This is absolutely my dream job, and I couldn’t ask for a better team to execute it with.”

Results From our Yearly Quantum Survey

Our staff’s favorite part of working for Youth Frontiers is the culture.

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100% of staff stated that the people they work with are committed to producing top quality work.


100% of staff agree that the senior leaders of the organization demonstrate integrity.

Retreat Staff Instagram

A photo of some of our Retreat Staff from our Instagram


Youth Frontiers is committed to fostering a work environment where each employee is respected and where each person’s differences combine to help our organization achieve its mission. We do this through our three core values:

Quality: To be the best at, and continuously improve, what we do. We strive to be bettermakers for our clients and for each other.


Caring: To create communities where all people are respected through our work and within our organization.


Growth: To continue to reach more schools by expanding and innovating our programs, and challenge our people to move boldly into the world and grow personally.


Youth Frontiers offers a wide variety of benefits for our employees. Eligibility for these benefits depends on whether an employee is full-time, part-time or on-call. Some of the benefits we offer include eight paid holidays, one paid volunteer day, paid time off, adoption assistance, emergency loans, travel assistance and insurance benefits like medical, dental, Life/AD&D, disability, 403(b) and more.

Retreat Staff

Our Retreat Staff have a unique opportunity to inspire thousands of kids throughout the Midwest by facilitating our transformative retreats. Retreat positions are usually 10 months long (August through May) and can include up to 55 overnight travel days per year. Our continual retreat growth provides us with the opportunity to bring on new Retreat Staff to our team each school year. We invite approved Retreat Staff applicants to attend a hiring event to get a better understanding of this role. Our hiring event for the 2018-19 school year will be held on April 30, 2018.


Want to know about what it takes to be a Retreat Musician? Watch the video below to learn more about this unique opportunity.


Lead Program Facilitator

Program Facilitator – Musician

School Relations Representative – Nebraska Office

YCorps Apprenticeship 2018

Need more information? You can connect with someone at Youth Frontiers to learn more about our work by filling out this form. If you have any questions, please contact our HR department at