Geometry of a Leader
For-profit, Nonprofit, Education and Faith Leaders


It’s a difficult time to be a leader. Really difficult. Yet, the need for character-driven leaders is greater than ever. The Geometry of a Leader (GOAL) offers a much-needed retreat for leaders to step back, connect and reflect on how to lead with character, especially when it’s hard.
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In this experience, GOAL participants will learn practical ways to be

present to the people they serve,

humble enough to solicit the wisdom of others and

courageous enough to follow their vision despite the cost.

They will leave the retreat inspired and empowered to confidently pursue their call to lead — and to make our community better for all.



Humanizing Your Circles of Influence

Exceptional leaders give people their full attention. They listen to understand. They prioritize human connection. Yet, in our volatile world, leaders often become so preoccupied with all of the problems they feel responsible for fixing that they fail to notice the needs of the people they serve. After this workshop, leaders will return to their homes, workplaces and communities with concrete ways to be present to those around them.


Creating “We” Solutions

Humble leaders know they don’t know it all. They seek input and advice from people with complementary strengths.
They are open to new ideas. They are aware of their weaknesses. In this workshop, leaders will explore the key features of humility and learn to synthesize rather than silence the varied voices in their workplaces and communities. Leaders will leave this workshop committed to creating “we” not “me” solutions.


Following Your Vision

There are times leaders need to follow their vision and make an unpopular decision despite opposition. This takes courage. In this final workshop, leaders will learn the attributes of a courageous leader and discuss the challenges of leading with courage – especially when resistance emerges and the cost is great. They will leave this workshop with the tools they need to be successful in their next difficult conversation or decision.



Leaders from your organization


3.75 hours of connection and reflection on timeless leadership values

*GOAL is also offered as a three-part series. Contact us to learn more.


Scheduled with your organization


Retreat location chosen by your organization


Twin Cities: $12,500 ($7,500 for nonprofits)

*Contact us for Midwest and National pricing

Contact Joe Cavanaugh to book your retreat



Wednesday, December 4, 2024

Wednesday, February 5, 2025

Wednesday, April 23, 2025


7:30 a.m — Coffee, light refreshments and connection

8 to 11:45 a.m. — Program


The Minneapolis Club

729 2nd Ave S

Minneapolis, MN, 55402



For Profit rate: $350 per person

Nonprofit rate: $250 per person

YF guest/YF sponsor guest: No charge

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If you are interested in sponsoring a future Community GOAL Retreat, please contact Riley Moynihan.

From participants about the series:

“It’s brilliant. It’s high-energy. It’s creative. It’s spot on. It’s what we humans hunger: a return to the basics. A return to acknowledging our own and others’ humanity.”
“It was exactly what I needed at this phase of life, and I walked away feeling refreshed and reinvigorated in the work I do, with tools for how I can do better.”
“Definitely one of the best crafted professional development experiences I’ve participated in.”