Omaha Scholarship

Youth Frontiers is excited to offer schools an Omaha Scholarship for the 2017-18 school year!

Youth Frontiers retreats empower an entire class to act with greater character and identify the social fears and peer pressures that impede responsible decision-making. Our retreats act as a catalyst for positive change in schools. In fact, an independent evaluation from the University of Minnesota found that students perceive a more positive school climate after attending a Youth Frontiers retreat.


We want to work with every school in the Omaha metro area and change the way students treat each other in every hallway, lunch line and classroom. Generous donors and foundations from the Omaha community helped us establish this scholarship fund to reduce the cost to Omaha schools. Our committee will award $1,000 new retreat scholarships to schools in this community.


If you are a new school interested in receiving a scholarship for the upcoming school year, please click here to apply online.


If you are a previous recipient of the Omaha Scholarship (formerly the C4C Scholarship), please click here to apply again online. Applications are due by April 7, 2017.


Schools must be in Douglas, Sarpy or Cass counties (in Nebraska) or Council Bluffs, Iowa to qualify.


Scholarship recipients are responsible for the portion of the cost not covered by the scholarship(s). Schools agree to coordinate the details of the retreat, complete the student survey, have students write thank-you notes and provide a brief funding report.


Our retreats are designed to provide a meaningful experience for all students involved in the day. In an effort to ensure the quality of the retreat experience, we’ve thoughtfully established perimeters around the number of students served per retreat. We serve up to 150 elementary, 200 middle and 225 high school students per retreat. If the class size exceeds the parameters, additional retreats will be needed. Note: Schools are eligible for one scholarship per retreat.