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  • 45% Donor Support

  • 55% School Share

We want every school — private, public, charter or parochial — to be able to afford Youth Frontiers retreats. Schools pay 55 percent of the retreat cost and the philanthropic support of individuals, foundations and corporations covers the remaining 45 percent. This model keeps retreat costs affordable for schools while keeping schools vested. It also allows communities to participate financially in the character development of the next generation. To visit a retreat and see our mission in motion, please contact us at 952.922.0222 today.

Here’s what your investment can do: 

covers the travel costs to three retreats in rural communities.

allows 50 students to attend a retreat.

allows 60 educators to attend a half-day workshop designed to build a cohesive and supportive community.

subsidizes the costs of three urban retreats, keeping our programs affordable for all of our schools.

helps YF develop new and innovative ways to sustain the impact of our retreats through evaluation, follow-up materials and social media.

provides the salary and benefits for one of our talented Retreat Facilitators to work with nearly 10,000 students in a school year.


Dick McFarland
Youth Frontiers Supporter and Retired Chairman at RBC Dain Rauscher

“Few organizations are doing as much as Youth Frontiers to create the next generation of leaders who have the integrity and moral courage our society so desperately needs. Every employer in this community has a vested interest in supporting YF’s efforts to raise kids that are good as well as smart.”


Kathy English 
COO at Children’s Hospital and Medical Center in Omaha, Neb..

“At my first Youth Frontiers Courage Retreat visit, I saw kids literally transform during the course of the day. The well-developed retreat content and the skill of the staff clearly resonated with the kids who stepped up at the end of the retreat with clear, courageous goals. As a children’s healthcare professional, I know that the health of a child is not just physical, it is also mental and emotional. Youth Frontiers is helping us develop healthy children.”

You can help make tomorrow’s world a better place.
To learn about giving through stock options, planned giving, Amazon Smile and more, call us at: 952.922.0222. You can also take a look at our financials and annual report here.
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