YCorps: Youth worker training that makes you and the world better.

Our YCorps (Youth Corps) seven-month apprenticeship program gives emerging leaders the opportunity to facilitate, along with our full-time staff, life-changing retreats for schools all over the upper Midwest. The program will help to hone your skills as a communicator and youth worker and prepare you to make a difference in whatever career you choose to pursue. As a part of the program, you will have the opportunity to grow professionally in an organization that values Quality, Caring and Growth. These values will be supplemented by attending personal reflection days, lunch-and-learn sessions and staff fun days.


Being a YCorps member, I have become a better public speaker, made connections with school counselors, learned how to give constructive feedback, improved my attention-getting techniques, learned how to adapt and be flexible, observed successful leadership skills and overall become more confident in myself and my long-term goal to become a school counselor. I am extremely thankful for this internship experience with Youth Frontiers and will have memories and knowledge from this semester that will permeate through my entire life.


Marrisa Hulshizer, 2014-15 YCorps Member


YCorps was an amazing experience that was the perfect internship for me right out of school. I loved getting to learn with other YCorps members and working right alongside full-time staff members who have been doing this work for years. Being able to effectively manage a large crowd with a smile on my face and build quick, positive relationships are skills that are invaluable to my work in theatre and are now completely second nature for me.


Jared Ziegler, 2013-14 YCorps Member

Youth Frontiers' 2017 YCorps
Meet our 2017 YCorps

From left: Genevieve Kalland, Kevin Lungay, Maggie MacLennan, Dahlia Jones and Traiveon Dunlap.

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