YCorps: A professional experience that makes you and the world better

YCorps is an five-month, paid apprenticeship program for young professionals who want to develop themselves professionally and personally while making a difference in the world. YCorps members work alongside our full-time staff to facilitate retreats for schools all over the upper Midwest. Additionally, YCorps members receive specialized training and coaching focused on personal and professional development. The program helps participants hone their presentation, communication and youth worker skills. But most importantly, it prepares them to make a difference in whatever career they pursue.


The amount of self-confidence I gained during my time in the YCorps program is truly amazing. I learned how to be a confident public speaker and what it takes to be part of a successful team. Through presenting and connecting with students on retreats, I learned that my voice matters.


Maddie Lenarz Hooyman, Former YCorps Member


Being part of the YCorps really paid off in so many ways. Each retreat was like a small intervention, reminding me to follow through on my own “acts of courage” in daily life. I will take the perspective I have gained from this experience with me wherever I go.


Abdul Sesay, Former YCorps Member

YCorps - Danny, Kelly, Ryan, and Ally

From left: Danny Bruckbauer, Kelly Thurmes, Ryan Vande Linde, & Ally Baker

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