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Happy New Year from Youth Frontiers!

At our recent “Holiday Holiday” party (pictured above), our staff gathered together – dressed in the style of our favorite holiday and shared an evening of laughs, delicious food and meaningful connection. It was a fun and festive opportunity to come together to celebrate the hard work and successes of 2015 and to also steer our ship excitedly toward all the possibilities of 2016.READ MORE

Planting Seeds

Planting Seeds, By Julia Lawler, Youth Frontiers Retreat Director

I was not always a person who “works with youth.” In between being a youth myself and wearing the title of youth worker, there were years of necessary learning, growth and letting go.READ MORE

The Teacher’s Lounge Podcast – Beth Hawkins

The Teachers’ Lounge, a Youth Frontiers podcast hosted by Sally Koering, explores important questions and conversations relevant to teachers, educators and parents. The 12th episode features a conversation with Beth Hawkins, a reporter who has served her community covering issues relevant to education for roughly 30 years.READ MORE

To Our Educators

Every year, Thanksgiving offers us the opportunity to thank people who have made a difference in our lives. While there are countless individuals who deserve thanking and praise, Youth Frontiers would like to thank one group in particular today…READ MORE

The Most Important Question of All Time

By Andy Zimney, Youth Frontiers’ Director of Operations

There’s a story I tell people frequently about the opening lecture from the only college-level philosophy course I ever took. It’s a story I think of even more often as the holidays approach and our schedules fill up with more events, more errands, more commitments, more parties and all the other general craziness of the season.READ MORE

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