Character Academy
Late High Schoolers and Young Adults (ages 16-24)


A cohort-style experience that equips young people to navigate life’s challenges with character. Workshops offered virtually.
Character Matters.


It’s what motivates a person to be a force for good.

Character Academy equips young adults with the character tools they need to navigate the sometimes challenging road of life. Choose from a menu of virtual workshops designed to help participants identify their strengths, engage with their growth opportunities, and ultimately effect positive change in our communities.
Key Learning Objectives


Change starts within. Guided by Youth Frontiers staff and outside experts, each Character Academy workshop is designed to help participants identify their strengths, engage with their growth opportunities, and acquire the character tools needed to navigate the road of life.


People of character use their gifts to meet the world’s needs. At the end of each session Character Academy participants commit to improving their community by living out and bringing back the value of the workshop to the classroom, home, work and beyond.



We can customize an experience that best fits your group by offering workshops individually or as a series.


Take Care, Give Care


In this reflective session, participants will learn about the importance of self-care and how to cultivate greater compassion, a critical trait for navigating life’s challenges with resilience.


Busyness and the Big Picture


When we focus on life’s busyness, we risk losing sight of the bigger picture. In this session, participants “zoom out” to gain perspective on their to-dos and discover how they connect to what’s important.


Using Gifts for Good


Purpose gives life meaning. Participants will experience an inspirational lesson that helps them identify their personal gifts and talents in order to serve the world’s greatest needs.


Embrace Change


In this upbeat workshop, participants will practice the Four Principles of Improvisation. They will leave ready to say “Yes, AND” to the challenges and opportunities life brings.


Be Seen — in Service of Others


We all matter, and our unique voices matter. In this session, participants learn tools to combat nerves, summon a sense of power, and speak up at school, work and beyond.


Putting People First


In this session, participants explore what it means to be fully present to those around them and how our presence can communicate the message “you matter.”


Express Gratitude, Increase Resilience


Coming soon! In this session, participants learn strategies for cultivating a personal gratitude practice, which can help them bolster resilience to stress and flourish at school, at work and in life.


Focus on Your Gifts


In this session, participants take the CliftonStrengths® assessment by GALLUP®. Then a Strengths Coach shares how participants’ top strengths can help them reach their goals and be their best selves.


Discover Yourself and Others


Rooted in ancient wisdom, the Enneagram can be used to guide the self and as a way to show compassion. Participants will explore the nine types and learn how to apply this new awareness to their lives.

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Cohorts of late high schoolers or young adults, ages 16-24


Virtual workshops


Pricing for the 2022-23 school year:

$1,100 per workshop

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