Character Academy
Young Adults (ages 16-24+)


A cohort-style experience that guides young adults through personal development work to help them become people of character and positive changemakers in the world. We can customize an experience that best fits your group by offering workshops individually or as a series.
Preparing for the Road Ahead
Character Academy participants will go through workshops designed to equip them with the character tools they need to navigate the sometimes challenging road of life.
Who is this for?

Young adults ages 16-24 who are ready to engage in a dynamic cohort experience that will challenge, grow and inspire them to live with greater character and make a positive impact on their community.

High Schools




Faith Groups



Take Care, Give Care


Participants will learn about the importance of self-care and how to cultivate greater compassion, a critical trait for navigating life’s challenges with resilience.


Be Seen — in Service of Others


We all matter, and our unique voices matter. In this session, participants learn tools to combat nerves, summon a sense of power, and speak up at school, work and beyond.


Express Gratitude, Increase Resilience


Participants learn strategies for cultivating a personal gratitude practice, which can help them bolster resilience to stress and flourish at school, at work and in life.


Busyness and the Big Picture


When we focus on life’s busyness, we risk losing sight of the bigger picture. In this session, participants “zoom out” to gain perspective on their to-dos and discover how they connect to what’s important.


Putting People First


In this session, participants explore what it means to be fully present to those around them and how our presence can communicate the message “you matter.”


Using Gifts for Good


Purpose gives life meaning. Participants will experience an inspirational lesson that helps them identify their personal gifts and talents in order to serve the world’s greatest needs.



Leaders from your company, school or nonprofit


2.5-hour workshops grounded in connection, growth and reflection


Scheduled with your organization


Retreat location(s) chosen by organization

(virtual options available)


$7,495 – 3 pack

$11,995 – 5 pack

In-person workshops span 90-120 minutes. Virtual workshops span roughly 90 minutes.


Youth Frontiers programs are designed to define, explain and inspire key character traits like kindness, courage and respect. Our content is scripted and consistent in delivery from client to client. To make our programs accessible and inviting to all clients, our messaging intentionally avoids topics such as political, social and religious content. When on retreat, staff are expected to communicate the program’s message and refrain from expressing personal beliefs and opinions. Any personal stories staff share to illustrate our character-based content have been vetted and edited as necessary to resonate and connect with our mission.


Our programs staff come from a variety of academic and professional backgrounds, bringing their strong storytelling, musical performance and facilitation skills to our dynamic programs. Staff are vetted through a multi-step hiring process, undergo annual background checks and participate in ongoing observation, coaching, and training and development opportunities. These efforts are to ensure that we employ facilitators who deliver our message of character, consistently provide high quality programs, and ultimately have a positive impact on everyone they engage with through our retreats.

We would be happy to help you choose the best Character Academy workshops for your group.


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