Elements of an Engaged Educator


Everybody knows that carbon (C), hydrogen (H), nitrogen (N) and oxygen (O) are basic elements — the building blocks of life. In this dynamic virtual series, we explore the building blocks of an engaged educator’s life: perspective (Pe), curiosity (Cu), compassion (Co), purpose (Ps) and gratitude (Gr). Whether educators attend a selection or all five workshops, they’ll get a chance to connect, reflect and learn how practicing these life-giving elements can support and sustain them in their important work with young people.
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From an educator about the Elements of an Engaged Educator:

“This program helps keep educators in education.”

Workshops Overview

Zoom out from the Busyness.

See the Big Picture.

Educators discover how keeping the big picture in focus can bring new meaning to their many tasks and responsibilities and help them avoid burnout.

Let go of Certainty.

Lean into Curiosity.

Educators explore how curiosity fosters connection and leave with ways to practice more curiosity with the students, parents and coworkers they interact with every day.

Goodbye, Criticism.

Hello, Compassion!

Educators gain tools for cultivating more self-compassion — an essential first step in self-care and in creating a classroom and school with heart.

Turn down your Static.

Turn up your Music.

Educators rediscover their inspiration for entering the noble profession of education and leave ready to listen to “their music” and give the best of themselves to their students.

Express Gratitude.

Experience Resilience.

Coming soon! Educators learn strategies for developing a personal gratitude practice, which can help them bolster resilience to stress and flourish at work and in life.





Cohorts from across communities.



Five dynamic virtual workshops

Multimedia storytelling and meaningful conversation bring each “element” to life.



Educators attend for free

Thanks to the generosity of our donors, educators may attend this virtual conference at no cost.



All workshops run 3:30 p.m. to 5 p.m.

Perspective Workshop — Thursday, January 27

Curiosity Workshop — Thursday, February 24

Compassion Workshop — Thursday, March 24

Purpose Workshop — Thursday, April 28

Gratitude Workshop — Thursday, May 26

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