YF Leadership Conference Materials

We love working with your school, and we want you to have the best retreat experience possible. This page contains information to help you prepare for your retreat (please consult your Prep Pack for additional important details) and inspiration to keep the retreat messages alive afterward. As always, feel free to reach out if you have any questions!

Information, Timeline & Resources

4 Weeks Before the YFLC

Return your signed contract and payment. 

After you’ve signed up for the Youth Frontiers Leadership Conference (YFLC), we will send you a contract. We ask that you sign and return it with payment within 10 days of receiving it.


Read your Prep Pack thoroughly. 

This webpage is a great overview of the steps you need to take to prepare for the YFLC, but your Prep Pack is chock-full of need-to-know information and details beyond what is listed here.


Explore funding options.

We understand the challenges of working within your school budget. If you’re coming up short of funds for the YFLC, check out these helpful funding resources and ideas.

2 Weeks before the YFLC

Confirm your 20 student participants.

Please email the names of all of your student participants to Peggy Bell at pbell@youthfrontiers.org.


Have your students complete the Pre-YFLC Survey.

Please have each of your students fill out the Pre-YFLC Survey. (Your students will also complete a survey after the YFLC to measure the impact of the day.)


Determine transportation to the YFLC.

Schools have used vans, small buses or carpools to transport students.

1 Week before the YFLC

Inform parents about the retreat.

We offer a sample letter to tell parents and caregivers about the upcoming YFLC.

Week of the YFLC

Get excited!

You’ve worked hard to make this YFLC happen, and you are just a few days away from being a part of a great experience for your students.

Follow-up Materials & Inspiration

Day of the YFLC

Capture your students’ commitments.

Use this sheet to capture your students’ “I will” statements. This activity helps students solidify their role in making their school a more positive place.


Have your students complete the Post-YFLC Survey.

Ideally, students will complete the survey the same day as the YFLC.

1 Week After the YFLC

Complete participation certificates.

This certificate is a great way to thank students for choosing to be positive leaders in their school.


Inspire your students with leadership advice.

Share this collection of leadership wisdom from attendees of our Youth Frontiers Ethical Leadership Luncheon.