Purpose Retreat


The Youth Frontiers Purpose Retreat helps staff feel renewed and recommitted to their vocation, fostering their students’ academic success and making a positive difference in students’ lives. We give educators time and space to rediscover the motivation that originally inspired them to enter the noble profession of education. Educators will remember and share defining moments in their careers and leave the retreat committed to following “their music” and giving the best of
themselves to their students.

From an educator at Zimmerman High School, Zimmerman, Minn.:

“Our staff has never felt so connected, driven and positive about a school year as we do now, and teachers attribute it in large part to the Purpose Retreat we attended in the fall.”


See the Purpose Retreat in action.

Key Learning Objectives

purpose number oneRemind educators of the impact they have on student success in school and in life.

purpose number twoProvide important reflection time for educators to reconnect with the passion that drives their professional purpose.

purpose number threeHelp educators identify the challenges in education and find new ways to overcome them.

What To Expect

purpose activitiesACTIVITIES

The retreat includes virtual community-building activities that connect colleagues across grade levels and departments.

purpose presenationPRESENTATION

Retreat Staff shares personal stories with humor and heart that will inspire and challenge educators.

purpose small groupsSMALL GROUPS

Educators meet in breakout rooms to deepen their connections with each other and with the retreat content.

purpose sharingSHARING

Educators share their purpose statements and how they plan to remain connected to their unique purposes.

The Details


Entire school staff


1.5 hour, virtual retreat


Scheduled with you


$2,900 per school

Learn about grants and fundraising ideas to help you pay for a retreat.

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