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Respect Retreat®
Grades 9, 10 or 11


A day for students to experience what school would be like if everyone was respected, and to challenge them to respect themselves and others.
We empower students to respect themselves
more, and we engage the bystanders to stand up for
the value of respect in their school.

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See the Respect Retreat in action.

Key Learning Objectives for the Retreat

respect number 1Help students realize they matter, others matter and what they do matters.

respect number twoUnderstand that disrespectful behavior is harmful and engage bystanders to stand up.

respect number threeIdentify ways to improve the culture of respect in your school and community.

What To Expect

respect energyHIGH-ENERGY

With original music and high-energy facilitators, we encourage kids to play, laugh and connect with one another.

respect activitiesACTIVITIES

Community-building activities designed to break down social barriers help foster stronger relationships among students.

respect presentationPRESENTATION

Our Program Staff share personal stories centered on the value of the day. With humor and heart, they challenge kids to make a difference in their school.

respect small groupsSMALL GROUPS

Throughout the day, students meet in small groups, facilitated by high school or adult leaders, to talk about what they are learning and experiencing.

respect sharingSHARING

At the end of the retreat, students have a chance to stand up and commit to how they will stand up for respect in their school community.

respect followupFOLLOW-UP

After the retreat, our follow-up videos, student evaluations (online only), classroom materials and posters help extend the impact of the retreat. View follow-up materials.

The Details


9th, 10th or 11th
(YF retreats are designed to work with only one grade level on each retreat.)


5.5 hours


Twin Cities: $3,070
Midwest: $3,370
National: $3,970
Flexible pricing options are available for smaller schools (classes with fewer than 40 students). Call us at 952.922.0222 for more information.


Learn about grants and fundraising ideas to help you pay for a retreat.

We would love to talk to you about how the Respect Retreat
can help inspire character and build community in your school.