The Character Challenge

The Character Challenge is inspiration delivered right to your inbox! Every Monday morning during the school year, we send out an email with a character-themed image or video designed to inspire us to make our world better. Geared toward students, but applicable to all, the Character Challenge is a great conversation starter for your class or your community.

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  • Find Your Voice
    Your voice is a powerful tool. The words we use shape the narrative of our lives and the lives of others – as does our silence. What kind of story are you telling? Today, find your voice and use it for good. It can make all the difference.
  • Jump in
    We all have things we want to do, but often our fear holds us back from our goals. This fear can be paralyzing, making it harder to engage the challenge in front of you. Sometimes all the preparation in the world doesn’t push you to take the first step. In those cases, it’s time to just jump in. Take a leap to get your goal off the ground and let that momentum propel you to success.
  • seek to find all the good in the world
    The holidays can be the time for us to intentionally look for the good in the world. The days are darker, so it’s up to us to brighten them – and with more than just string lights. Look for the good in the world today. Wherever you see the good, appreciate it. And if it seems in short supply, choose to be the good in the world for someone else who’s looking for it too.
  • Don't be afraid to stand out
    Sometimes, we filter ourselves to blend in with the people around us. While it’s natural to use our similarities to unite us, it’s also really important to be our authentic selves. You bring unique qualities to your school, and your community becomes more dynamic when you let them shine. Today, don’t be afraid to be your real self, even if that means standing out.
  • lead with laughter
    Laughing can be the perfect remedy to everyday disappointments. A strong bout of shoulder-shaking, tear-jerking laughter does wonders to lift a dreary mood. Do you know a student, teacher or school staff member who’s having a gray day? Do your best to brighten it. Lead your next conversation with a little laughter.
  • see the good in others
    Do you remember the last time you received a compliment? Remember how great it made you feel? Today, take a beat to really notice the good in those around you. Let yourself be impressed by it. Then remind the people in your life of their great worth so they can feel valued too.
  • courage
    Courage pushes us to branch out, to grow, to seek new heights. It urges us to find a vantage point from which we can better see, then understand, the world around us. Think about what that means for you today. Maybe your new vantage point doesn’t have anything to do with heights, but everything to do with stepping into the world with empathy and kindness. Today, let courage, not fear, guide you. You’ll be amazed at where it will take you.
  • be supportive
    A positive community is made up of supportive individuals working together. Ultimately, we stand taller when we lift each other up. Think of someone who you could support today. Give them a high-five, an encouraging note or a moment of your time. Then, urge them to do the same for someone else. After all, “we all need somebody to lean on.”