Episode 015: Chris Pears

Our 15th episode features a conversation with Chris, an educator and pioneer of career-oriented curriculum in our schools with an emphasis on learning soft-skills in the classroom. Chris Pears’ has a background of fourteen years of corporate experience at Credit Suisse and Cargill followed by ten years teaching at Minnetonka Public Schools. This unique blend has allowed him to develop and implement educational programming that not only provides a strong academic foundation for students but also gives that student the real and relevant experiences necessary to succeed in a professional career.

Episode 014: Dr. Charlene Myklebust

Our 14th episode features a conversation with Dr. Charlene Myklebust, an educator who has worked in the field of education for decades with a wide array of titles and responsibilities. Charlene currently serves as a mental health consultant for schools while frequently presenting at conferences about the importance of mental health and mindfulness for teachers and students alike.

Episode 013: Karen Atkinson

Welcome to our 13th episode of The Teachers’ Lounge! Our guest is Karen Atkinson who is a community catalyst encouraging all adults in St. Louis Park, Minnesota to play a role in the healthy development of young people. For more than two decades, she has worked to transform the community based on Search Institute’s 40 Developmental Assets research. Karen and Sally chat about the positive impact educators and all adults can make in the lives of young people.

Episode 012: Beth Hawkins

In our 12th episode, we chatted with Beth Hawkins, a reporter who has served her community covering issues relevant to education for roughly 30 years. Beth talks about her ongoing commitment to education and her passion for seeing all kids succeed.

Episode 011: Jim McCorkell

Youth Frontiers’ Podcast, The Teachers’ Lounge, seeks to encourage dialogue on topics relevant to student growth and character development within our schools. For our 11th episode, we connected with College Possible Founder and CEO, Jim McCorkell. Jim spoke about his own educational journey and how it relates to his important work with students today.

Episode 010: Brenda Cassellius

In our tenth episode, we had the privilege of talking with Brenda Cassellius – Commissioner of the Minnesota Department of Education. As a former paraprofessional, teacher, principal and superintendent, Brenda has worked at all levels in education. Brenda brings a lot of insight into student success and what we can do to make our systems better.

Episode 009: Suzanne Hince

In our ninth episode of The Teachers’ Lounge, we got to chat with Suzanne Hince, Executive Director of TeamMates, a youth mentoring program that focuses on positive relationships to help develop young people’s life and academic skills. Suzanne is a former teacher who brings her knowledge of education into her work in bringing young people to school and life success.

Episode 008: Joe Schmit

In our 8th episode of The Teachers’ Lounge, we had the privilege of talking with Joe Schmitsports broadcaster, community leader and speaker to youth on the topic of positive impact and influence. In The Teachers’ Lounge, Joe shares engaging stories with infectious humor about how we make our biggest impressions when we’re not trying to be impressive, creating impact resolutions with your students and “the second thank you.” 

Episode 007: Dr. David Walsh

Dr. David Walsh joins us in The Teachers’ Lounge to tackle the concept of “the bullied brain” and the importance of bystanders in the equation of making schools better, more connected places, for all students. Dr. David Walsh is a leading expert on children, teens, parenting, family life and the impact of technology on children’s health and development. After teaching and coaching for ten years, Dr. Walsh founded the internationally-renowned National Institute on Media and Family. More recently, he founded Mind Positive Parenting to help caring adults better understand how to help kids thrive in the 21st century.

Episode 006: R.T. Rybak

Former Minneapolis Mayor R.T. Rybak joins us in The Teachers’ Lounge to talk about the importance of social-emotional learning to help all kids succeed. R.T. Rybak is now serving as the executive director of Generation Next, which is a partnership of organizations and community leaders dedicated to narrowing the achievement gap in Minneapolis and St. Paul.

Episode 005: Nathan Eklund

Nate Eklund, M.Ed., professional speaker and trainer who collaborates with individuals and organizations to mobilize efforts toward improvement in the field of education, joins us for another episode of The Teachers’ Lounge! Nate has given particular attention to the challenges of teacher retention and work climate, a topic he explores in his book, “How was your day at School? Improving Dialogue about Teacher Job Satisfaction.” We had the chance to chat with Nate a few weeks back about what it will take to turn our attention to making schools a great place for teachers!

Episode 004: Scott Butler

In this edition of the Teacher’s Lounge, we are joined by Scott Butler, Assistant Principal at Beadle Middle School in Omaha, Neb., to chat about the importance of building a positive school culture. Scott’s focus on relationships has fueled his work as a counselor, teacher and now administrator over the last 20 years. His passion and energy around this topic bubbled over as he shared with us his philosophy and practices to not only make school a great place in which kids can learn, but also where teachers can work.

Episode 003: Linda Baughman-Terry

In this edition of the Teachers’ Lounge, we are joined by Linda Baughman-Terry, school counselor at Century College with a background in K-12 education, to chat about the value and importance of life skills and community-building in helping our kids succeed in both school and life. Linda brings her wisdom and heart to the conversation, sharing insights on healthy boundaries as a counselor, staying motivated, investing in relationships and devoting time and space to what too often gets in the way for our students: their belief in themselves.

Episode 002: Erin Walsh

Joining us in The Teacher’s Lounge is Erin Walsh, an expert, speaker and trainer with Mind Positive Parenting, an organization that helps translate the latest brain science for teachers and parents so that our kids can succeed in school and in life. Erin and Sally (our host) sat down to chat about the latest in brain science, how it can be utilized to help students succeed and the incredible importance of connection and belonging for kids.

Episode 001: Jim Becker

Our first podcast episode features Jim Becker, a teacher at Eagan High School. Jim and our podcast host, Sally Koering, chat about how schools can create a positive, welcoming environment for their students, as well as the importance of giving gratitude and support to educators.