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2022 Virtual Youth Frontiers Leadership Conference

Youth Frontiers Leadership Conference

This spring, Youth Frontiers will bring together students from around the Midwest for a virtual Youth Frontiers Leadership Conference. This online gathering will feature content from our new Character Academy series. During this interactive program, participants will engage with each other and with content curated from one of the world’s leading experts on purpose. Students will leave the conference with a greater understanding of purpose and how their personal gifts can serve the world’s greatest needs.

What to Expect

leadership energy


Participants engage in community-building activities designed to break down social barriers and help them forge new connections with students from different schools.

leadership presentation


Our staff shares content curated from one of the world’s leading experts on purpose. With humor and heart, they challenge the young leaders to make a difference in their school and community.

leadership small groups


Students meet in small groups to learn from each other and to deepen their understanding of purpose and how it applies to each of their lives.

leadership activities


Each young leader will leave the conference with a personal purpose statement and a renewed commitment to improving their schools and communities.

leadership sharing


At the end of the conference, students have a chance to share their purpose statements with the large group for affirmation and accountability.

“It has shown me that I have many gifts I can contribute to being a leader and how I can better myself and my views to help others as well as myself.”



Thursday, April 28, 2022


9:30 – 11 a.m.


Hosted on Zoom. 

Link provided after registration.


Send up to 20 student leaders. Best for students in grades 11-12.


$195 per school for up to 20 students



Main Contact: The person who is handling the logistics for the conference.


Chaperone: The person who will accompany your students at the conference. At least one staff member from your school is required to attend.

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